1 V

abbr 缩写 =
1 victory: give/make a V-sign, ie with the first and second fingers spread to form a V, showing victory (with palm outwards), or vulgar derision (with palm inwards) 打出 V 形手势(伸出食指和中指作 V 形, 手掌向外时表示胜利, 手掌向内时表示粗俗的嘲弄之意).
2 volt(s): 240V, eg on a light bulb 240V(如电灯泡上的字样). Cf 参看 W abbr 缩写 1. V (also v) symb 符号 Roman numeral for 5 (罗马数字) 5. v abbr 缩写 =
1 (pl vv) verse: St Luke ch 12 vv 4-10 《路加福音》第12章第4-10节.
2 verso.
3 (also vs) (esp in sporting contests) versus (ie against)
    England v West Indies 英格兰队对西印度群岛队.
4 (infml 口) very: I was v pleased to get your letter. 来信收到, 十分高兴.
5 see; refer to (Latin vide) 参看, 见(源自拉丁文vide).