5 total

adj[usu attrib 通常作定语]
complete; entire 完全的; 全部的: total silence 寂静无声
    the total number of casualties 伤亡者总数
    live in total ignorance (of sth) 全然不知(某事)
    That´s total nonsense! 那是一派胡言!
    The firm made a total profit of 200000. 该公司的利润总额达200000英镑.
    total war, ie war waged with the full resources of a country 总体战
    a total eclipse of the sun/moon, ie one in which the sun/moon is completely obscured 日[月]全蚀
    a total waste of time 纯粹浪费时间. total, n
1 total number or amount 总数; 总额
    What does the total come to? 总数是多少?
    England scored a total of 436 runs. 英格兰板球队获总分436分.
2 (idm 习语) in `total altogether 总共
    That will cost you 7.50 in total. 你总共要花7.50英镑. total, v (-ll-; US also -l-) [Tn]
1 count the total of (sb/sth) 计算(人[事物])的总和
    The takings haven´t been totalled yet. 总营业额还未算出.
2 amount to (sth) 总数达(若干)
    He has debts totalling more than 200. 他负债总数超过200英镑.
3 (US sl 俚) wreck (esp a car) completely; destroy 彻底毁坏(尤指汽车); 毁灭.