4 tall

(-er, -est)
1 (of people or objects) of more than average height; of objects whose height is greater than their width; higher than surrounding objects (指人或物)高的; (指物)长的, 高於周围物体的
    She´s taller than me. 她比我高.
    a tall tree, chimney,spire, mast 高大的树、 烟囱、 塔尖、 船桅. Cf 参看 short1 1.2 of a specified height 有所示之高度的
    Tom is six feet tall. 汤姆身高六英尺. =>Usage at height用法见height.
3 (idm 习语) a tall `order (infml 口) difficult task or unreasonable request 困难的任务; 无理的要求. a tall `story (infml 口) story that is difficult to believe 荒诞不经的故事; 难以置信的事. ten feet tall =>foot1. walk tall =>walk1.