6 static

1 not moving or changing; stationary 静止的; 稳定的; 静态的
    House prices, which have been static for several months, are now rising again. 房价稳定了几个月, 现在又上涨了.
    static water, eg in a tank, needing to be pumped 静止的水(如水箱中需要抽掉的)
    a rather static performance, ie one in which there is little movement 动作较少的表演.
2 (physics 物) (of force) acting by weight without motion (指力)静止的, 静力的. Cf 参看 dynamic 1. static, n [U]
1 atmospheric conditions causing poor radio or television reception, marked by loud crackling noises; atmospherics 大气静电干扰; 天电
    There was too much static to hear their message clearly. 天电干扰太大, 听不清他们的电讯.
2 (also ,static electricity) electricity that accumulates on or in an object which cannot conduct a current 静电
    Her hair was full of static. 她的头发上静电很强.