9 stabilize

stabilise, v [I, Tn]
(cause sth/sb to) become stable (使某事物)稳定; (使某人)变得沉稳
    His condition has now stabilized. 他的情况稳定下来了.
    government measures to stabilize prices 政府采取的稳定物价的措施. stabilization, -isation n [U]. stabilizer, -iser n substance or device that stabilizes, esp a device that prevents an aircraft or ship from rolling, or one that helps to keep a child´s bicycle upright 稳定装置; 稳定器; 平衡器; (飞行器的)安定面
    He can now ride his bike without stabilizers. 他现在骑自行车不需要平衡器了.