8 specimen

1 thing or part of a thing taken as an example of its group or class (esp for scientific research or for a collection) 样品, 标本(尤用於科研或作收藏品)
    There were some fine specimens of rocks and ores in the museum. 博物馆里有些很好的岩石和矿石标本.
    [attrib 作定语]
a specimen signature 签字样
    a publisher´s catalogue with specimen pages of a book 附有某书样张的出版物目录.
2 sample (esp of urine) to be tested (usu for medical purposes) 标本; 样; (尤指)尿样
    supply specimens for laboratory analysis 提供作实验分析的标本.
3 (infml sometimes derog 口, 有时作贬义) person of a specified sort, esp one who is unusual in some way 有某特点的人(尤指有些怪异的)
    a fine specimen (of humanity) 好人
    That new librarian is an odd specimen, isn´t he? 新来的图书管理员挺古怪的, 是不是?