6 sexual

(a) of sex(2,3) or the sexes or the physical attraction between them 性交的; 性行为的; 性吸引的; 两性的; 肉体吸引的
    sexual feelings, activity, desire 性吸引的感受、 性活动、 性欲
    Her interest in him is primarily sexual. 她喜欢他主要是肉体上的.
(b) of sex(1) or gender 性别的; 性的; 男性或女性的; 雄性或雌性的
    sexual differences, characteristics, etc 性的区别、 特徵等.
2 [attrib 作定语]
concerned with the reproduction of offspring 生殖的; 有性生殖的
    sexual organs, ie penis, vagina, etc 生殖器官
    sexual reproduction in plants 植物的有性生殖.