7 several

det, indef pron more than three; some, but fewer than many 三个以上; 一些(但不多); 几个.
(a) (det) 
    Several letters arrived this morning. 今天上午来了几封信.
    He´s written several books about India. 他已经写了几本关於印度的书.
    Several more people than usual came to the lunchtime concert. 来参加午餐时间音乐会的人比平日多了几个.
(b) (pron) 
    If you´re looking for a photograph of Alice you´ll find several in here. 你要是想找艾丽斯的照片, 这儿有几张.
    There was a fire in the art gallery and several of the paintings were destroyed. 美术馆失了场火, 烧毁了几张画.
    Several of you need to work harder. 你们有几个人还需要努力.