4 risk

1 [C, U] ~ (of sth/that...) (instance of the) possibility of meeting danger or suffering harm, loss, etc 危险; 风险
    Is there any risk of the bomb exploding? 这个炸弹有爆炸的危险吗?
    You shouldn´t underestimate the risks of the enterprise. 你不应低估这一计画的风险.
    There´s no risk of her failing/that she´ll fail. 她不会有失败的危险.
    insure a house for all risks, ie fire, theft, etc 给房子保综合险(火险、 盗窃险等)
    [attrib 作定语]
an all-risks policy 综合保险保单
    an investment involving a high degree of risk 风险很大的投资.
2 [C] person or thing insured or representing a source of risk 被保险的人或物; 保险对象; 产生危险的根源
    He´s a good/poor risk. 他是个风险很小[很大]的保险对象.
    All the people who know this secret represent a security risk. 凡是知道这个秘密的人都对安全造成危险.
3 (idm 习语) at one´s own risk agreeing to make no claims for any loss, injury, etc 自担风险(同意不要求赔偿损失、 损害等)
    Persons swimming beyond this pointdo so at their own risk, ie No one else will take responsibilityfor whatever happens to them. 游泳者超越此界限若有意外後果自负. at `risk threatened by the possibility of loss, failure, etc; in danger 有危险; 冒风险
    put one´s life at risk 冒生命危险
    The whole future of the company is at risk. 公司的整个前途受到威胁.
    My job is at risk, ie I may be made redundant. 我的工作保不住了(我遭受到裁减的危险). at the risk of (doing sth) with the possibility of (doing sth) 冒可能(做某事)的危险
    At the risk of sounding ungrateful, I must refuse your offer. 我甘受拂逆盛情之嫌, 也必须谢绝你的提议. at risk to sb/sth with the possibility of losing or injuring sb/sth 冒失去或殃及某人[某事物]的危险
    He saved the child at considerable risk to himself/to his own life. 他冒著极大的生命危险救了那个孩子. a calculated risk => calculate. run the risk (of doing sth); run `risks do sth that exposes one to a danger, possibility, etc 冒自身危险做某事
    We can´t run the risk (of losing all that money). 我们不能冒(失掉全部钱的)风险.
    He runs more risk of being arrested. 他冒的被逮捕的危险更大.
    She runs the same risks. 她也在冒这样的风险. take a `risk/`risks do sth that involves the possibility of failure, danger, etc 冒险做可能失败、 有危险等的事
    You can´t get rich without taking risks. 人不冒险不富.
    That´s a risk I´m prepared to take. 那是我愿意冒险做的事情. risk, v
1 [Tn] expose (sb/oneself) to danger 使(某人[自己])面临危险
    risk one´s health, fortune, neck (ie life) 冒丧失健康、 财富、 生命之险.
2 [Tn, Tg] accept the possibility of (sth) 甘愿承受可能发生的(某事)
    risk failure 失败亦在所不惜
    risk getting caught in a storm 不怕赶上暴风雨.