8 restless

1 constantly moving 运动不止的
    the restless motion of the sea 大海的不停的翻腾.
2 unable to be still or quiet, esp because of boredom, impatience, anxiety, etc 静不下来的, 不能安宁的(尤指因厌烦、 烦躁、 焦虑等)
    The audience was becoming restless. 观众渐渐地不耐烦了.
    The children grew restless with the long wait. 孩子们等了很久便著急了.
    After only a month in the job, he felt restless and decided to leave. 那工作他只干了一个月就厌倦了, 决定不干了.
3 without rest or sleep 得不到休息或睡眠的
    spend/pass/have a restless night 度过一个不眠之夜.