11 probability

1 [U] likelihood 可能性: There is little probability of his succeeding/that he will succeed. 他不大可能成功.
    What is the probability of its success? 其成功的可能性如何?
2 [C] thing that is (most) probable; probable event or result (很)可能有的事物; 可能发生的事; 可能出现的结果
    What are the probabilities? 可能发生什麽事?
    A fall in interest rates is a probability in the present economic climate. 从目前的经济情势看, 很有可能降低利率.
3 [C] (mathematics 数) ratio expressing the chances that a certain event will occur 概率; 或然率.
4 (idm 习语)in ,all proba`bility very probably 极有可能
    In all probability he´s already left. 他很可能已经离开了.