6 prayer

(a) [C] ~ (for sth) solemn request to God or to an object of worship 祈祷; 祷告
    say one´s prayers 做祷告
    a prayer for forgiveness, rain, success 为获得宽恕、 雨水、 成功而做的祷告
    He arrived, as if in answer to her prayers. 他终於来了, 好像她祷告很灵验.
(b) fixed form of words used for this祈祷文
    the Lord´s Prayer 主祷文
    prayers he had learnt as a child 他儿时念过的祈祷文.
2 [U] action of praying 祈祷; 祷告
    spend time in prayer 做祷告
    Let us kneel in prayer. 我们跪下祈祷吧.
    She believed in the power of prayer. 她相信祈祷的力量.
(a) [sing] form of religious service consisting mainly of prayers (宗教的)祈祷式
    Evening/Morning Prayer 晚[早]祷.
(b) prayers[pl]
informal meeting in order to pray (非正式的)祷告会
    family/morning/evening/daily prayers 家庭的[早晨的/晚上的/每天的]祷告会.