9 passenger

1 person travelling in a car, bus, train, plane, ship, etc, other than the driver, the pilot or a member of the crew 乘客
    The driver of the car was killed in the crash but both passengers escaped unhurt. 事故中汽车司机丧生, 但两名乘客幸未受伤.
    [attrib 作定语]
the passenger seat, ie the seat next to the driver´s seat in a motor vehicle (司机座旁的)客座
    a passenger train, ie one carrying passengers rather than goods 铁路的客车.
2 (infml 口 esp Brit) member of a team, crew, etc who does not do as much work as the others (团体中的)闲散人员
    This firm can´t afford (to carry) passengers. 这家商行养不起闲散人员.