7 novelty

1 [U] quality of being novel; newness; strangeness 新奇; 新颖; 奇异
    The novelty of his surroundings soon wore off, ie He grew accustomed to them. 他对环境的新鲜感很快就消失了.
    [attrib 作定语]
There´s a certain novelty value in this approach. 这种方法含有某种创新的意义.
2 [C] previously unknown thing, experience, etc; new or strange thing or person新鲜的事物、 经验等; 新奇的事物或人
    A British businessman who can speak a foreign language is still something of a novelty. 能说某种外国语的英国商人仍可算是新奇人物.
3 [C] small toy, ornament, etc of low value (廉价的)小玩具、 小装饰品等
    a chocolate egg with a plastic novelty inside 内藏塑料小玩意儿的蛋形巧克力.