9 melodrama

n[U, C]
1 drama full of sensational events and exaggerated characters, often with a happy ending 情节剧(情节耸人听闻, 人物表现夸张, 结局多皆大欢喜)
    I love Victorian melodrama(s). 我喜爱维多利亚时代的情节剧.
2 (fig 比喻) events, behaviour, language, etc resembling
(a) drama of this kind 情节剧式的事件、 行为、 语言等
    all the melodrama of a major murder trial 一重大谋杀案审判中的情节剧式的场面
    We really don´t need all this ridiculous melodrama! 别跟我们来这套荒唐的情节剧表演!