5 lobby

1 [C] porch, entrance-hall or ante-room 门厅; (入口的)厅堂; 前厅
    the lobby of a hotel, theatre, etc 旅馆、 戏院等的大厅.
2 [C] (in the House of Commons, etc) large hall open to the public and used for interviews with Members of Parliament (下议院等内之)民众接待厅.
3 [CGp] group of people who try to influence politicians, esp to support or oppose proposed legislation 游说议员的团体
    The anti-nuclear lobby is/are becoming stronger. 向议员游说的反核群众声势渐强.
4 [C] = division lobby (division). lobby, v (pt, pp lobbied)
1 [I, Ipr, Tn, Tn.pr]
~ (sb)(for sth) try to persuade (a politician, etc) to support or oppose proposed legislation 游说(政治家等)支持或反对某立法议案
    lobby (MPs) for higher farm subsidies 游说(议员)以提高农业补贴.
2 (phr v) lobby sth through (sth) get (a bill, etc) passed or rejected by lobbying 通过游说使(一法案等)通过或不通过
    lobby a bill through Parliament/the Senate 运动议员使国会[参议院]通过一法案.