7 lecture

1 ~ (to sb) (on sth) talk giving information about a subject to an audience or a class, often as part of a teaching programme 演讲; 讲课
    give/deliver/read a lecture 讲课[上课/讲学]
    a course of lectures on Greek philosophy 希腊哲学系列讲演
    [attrib 作定语]
a lecture tour 巡回讲演.
2 long reproach or scolding 冗长的训斥或谴责
    The policeman let me off with a lecture about speeding. 那警察给我讲了一大顿注意车速的道理之後才让我走.
    give sb a lecture, ie scold sb 训斥某人. lecture, v
1 [I, Ipr] ~ (on sth) give a lecture or series of lectures 作演讲; 讲课
    Professor Jones is not lecturing this term. 琼斯教授这学期没课.
    He is lecturing on Russian literature. 他正讲俄罗斯文学.
2 [Tn, Tn.pr]
~ sb (for/about sth) scold or warn sb (about sth) (就某事)斥责或告诫某人
    Do stop lecturing me! 别教训我了!
    lecture one´s children for being untidy/about the virtues of tidiness 训斥子女不讲整洁[训示子女注意整洁的美德].