4 knee

(a) joint between the thigh and lower part of the human leg; corresponding joint in animals 膝; 膝盖. =>illus at human 见human插图.
(b) upper surface of a sitting person´s thigh (人坐著时)大腿的朝上的面
    sit on my knee 坐在我的腿上
    You´ll have to eat your dinner off your knees, I´m afraid! 对不起, 这顿饭你只好把餐具放在腿上吃了!
2 part of a garment covering the knee (裤子等的)膝部
    These trousers are torn at the knee. 这裤子的膝部破了.
3 (idm 习语) be/go (down) on one´s `knees kneel or be kneeling (down), esp when praying or to show that one accepts defeat 跪下, 跪著(尤指祈祷或屈服时). the bee´s knees => bee1. bring sb to his `knees force sb to submit 迫使某人屈服
    (fig 比喻) The country was almost brought to its knees by the long strike. 经长期罢工, 国家已濒临崩溃的边缘. on bended knee => bend1. weak at the knees => weak. knee, v (pt, pp kneed) [Tn, Tn.pr, Cn.a]
strike or push with the knee 用膝盖顶或撞
    knee sb (in the groin) 用膝盖顶某人(的阴部)
    knee the door open 用膝盖把门撞开.