8 industry

1 [C, U]
(a) (branch of) manufacture or production 制造或生产(的部门); 工业; 企业; 行业
    Britain´s coal industry 英国的煤炭工业
    heavy industry, ie producing large goods, eg steel or cars 重工业
    nationalized industries 国有化工业.
(b) commercial undertaking that provides services (行)业(提供服务的商业性部门)
    the catering, hotel, tourist, entertainment, etc industry 饮食、 旅馆、 旅游、 娱乐等(行)业.
2 [U] (fml 文) quality of being hard-working 勤奋; 勤劳
    praise sb for his industry 赞扬某人勤奋 *The industry of these little ants is wonderful to behold. 这些小蚂蚁很勤奋, 看起来多奇妙.
3 (idm 习语) a captain of industry =>captain.