9 induction

1 ~ (into sth/as sb/sth) inducting or being inducted; initiation 就职; 接纳会员; 成为会员
    the induction of new employees into their jobs 新雇员参加工作
    his induction as a priest 他之就任牧师
    [attrib 作定语]
an induction course, ie to give a new employee, entrant, etc general knowledge of future activities, requirements, etc 入门课(向新雇员、 新成员等介绍情况、 要求等).
2 inducing 诱导; 引发; 催产: the induction of labour, ie in childbirth 引产(接生时的).
3 method of logical reasoning which obtains or discovers general laws from particular facts or examples归纳法. Cf 参看 deduction 1.
4 (physics 物) productionof an electric or a magnetic state in an object (eg a circuit) by bringing an electrified or a magnetic object close to but not touching it, or by varying a magnetic field 电磁感应.
5 (engineering 工) drawing a fuel mixture into the cylinder(s) of an internal combustion engine 吸气, 进气(内燃机汽缸吸进油与空气混合物的工作过程)
    [attrib 作定语]
a fuel-induction system 燃油进气系统.