10 incidental

1 small and relatively unimportant; minor 小的而较不重要的; 次要的
    incidental expenses 杂费.
2 accompanying, but not a major part of sth; supplementary 伴随的; 补充的; 附属的
    incidental music for a play 戏剧的配乐.
3 [pred 作表语]
~ (to sth) liable to occur because of sth or in connection with sth 易伴随发生; 因相关而产生
    the risks that are incidental to exploration 探险时容易遇到的危险
    additional responsibilities that are incidental to the job 做这项工作要承担的额外责任.
4 occurring by chance in connection with sth else (伴随某事)偶然发生的.