11 hold to sth

hold to sth
not abandon or change (a principle, an opinion, etc); remain loyal to sth 不放弃或不改变(原则、 观点等); 忠於某事物
    She always holds to her convictions. 她始终坚持自己的信念.
    beliefs that were firmly held to 严格遵守的信条. hold sb to sth make sb keep (a promise) 使某人遵守(诺言)
    He promised her a honeymoon in Paris when they got married, and she held him to it. 他们结婚时, 他答应她到巴黎度蜜月, 她要求他遵守诺言.
    We must hold the contractors to (ie not allow them to exceed) their estimates. 我们必须使承包者遵照他们的预算办事(不许超支).