6 grieve

v (fml 文)
1 [Tn] cause great sorrow to (sb) 使(某人)极为悲伤
    Your mother is very grieved by your refusal to return home. 你离家不归, 你母亲极为伤心.
    It grieves me to hear how disobedient you´ve been. 听说你很不听话, 使我感到非常难过.
    It grieves me to have to say it, but (ie It is regrettably true that) you have only yourself to blame. 我是万不得已才说的, 但你是咎由自取.
(a) [I, Ipr] ~ (for sb); ~ (over/about sb/sth) feel a deep sorrow because of loss (因失去而)感到悲痛
    Their daughter died over a year ago, but they are still grieving. 他们的女儿死去已一年多了, 但他们现在仍很悲痛.
    grieve for one´s (dead, lost) child 为(死去的、 失去的)孩子伤心
    grieve over the death of sb 为某人之死而悲哀.
(b) [Ipr] ~ at/about/over sth feel deep regret (about sth) (对某事)感到非常後悔、 懊悔
    It´s no use grieving about past errors. 为以往的错误懊悔於事无补.