4 gild

1 cover (sth) with gold-leaf(3) or gold-coloured paint 覆金箔於(某物); 涂金色於(某物)
    gild a picture-frame 给画框涂上金色.
2 (fig rhet 比喻, 修辞) make (sth) bright as if with gold 使(某物)如金子般生光
    white walls of houses gilded by the morning sun 金色晨光照耀下的房子的白墙.
3 (idm 习语) gild the `lily try to improve what is already satisfactory 给百合花贴金(尽力改进本已合意的事物). gild the `pill make (sth) unpleasant but necessary seem attractive 苦药裹糖衣(将讨厌的但必要的事物弄得吸引人).