6 get by

get by
be considered good, smart, etc enough; be accepted 好; 行; 过得去; 获得认可
    I have no formal clothes for the occasion. Perhaps I can get by in a dark suit? 我没有适合那种场合的礼服, 也许穿深色西服还行吧?
    He should just about get by in the exam. 他这次考试应该能勉强及格. get by (on sth) manage to live, survive, etc (using the specified resources); manage; cope (靠某物)勉强维生; 设法维持; 对付
    How does she get by on such a small salary? 她靠那麽一点儿薪水怎麽过活?
    He gets by on very little money. 他靠著很少的钱过日子.