7 further

1 more distant in space, direction or time; farther (空间、 距离或时间上)更远的, 较远的
    The hospital is further down the road. 医院在这条路上, 再往前走就到了.
2 additional; more 附加的; 更多的
    further volumes 後续各卷
    Have you any further questions? 你还有问题吗?
    There is nothing further to be said. 没有再多说的了.
    The museum isclosed until further notice, ie until another announcement about it is made. 博物馆现正闭馆, 开馆时间另行通知. further, adv
1 at or to a greater distance in space or time; more remote; farther (在时间或空间上)距离更大地, 更远地
    It´s not safe to go any further. 再往远走就不安全了.
    Africa is further from England than France. 非洲距离英国比距离法国远.
    Think further back into your childhood. 想想你更小的时候, 回忆一下你的童年.
2 in addition; also 此外; 而且
    Further, it has come to my attention... 此外, 我已注意到...
3 to a greater degree or extent 进一步地
    I must enquire further into this matter. 我要进一步调查此事.
    I can offer you 50, but I can´t go any further than that. 我可以付给你50英镑, 不能再多了.
4 (idm 习语) far/farther/further afield => afield. =>Usage at farther 用法见farther. further, v [Tn]
help the progress or development of (sth); promote 促进或推动(某事); 增进
    further sb´s interests 提高某人的兴趣
    further the cause of peace 推动和平事业.