7 factory

building(s) in which goods are manufactured 工厂; 制造厂
    [attrib 作定语]
`factory workers 工厂工人. factory, NOTE ON USAGE 用法
    Factory, mill, plant and works all refer to industrial buildings or places but they indicate different products or processes. *factory、 mill、 plant、 works均指工业的建筑物或场所, 但其产品或加工程序则不尽相同. Factory is the most common word for the buildings where products are manufactured or assembled *factory一词最为普通, 指产品生产或装配的工厂
    a car, shoe, bottle, etc factory 汽车制造、 制鞋、 制瓶等工厂
    factory workers 工厂工人. Works suggests a larger group of buildings and machinery, generally not producing finished goods *works意为较大的建筑物群及其机器设备, 一般并不生产成品
    a gasworks, ironworks 煤气厂、 钢铁厂. Plant is more common in US English and relates especially to industrial processes *plant多用於美式英语, 尤为工业加工者
    a power, chemical plant 发电厂、 化工厂. Mill has the most limited meaning, relating to the processing of certain raw materials *mill的意思最为狭窄, 限用於某些原材料的加工
    a paper/cotton/woollen/steel mill 造纸[棉纺/毛纺/钢]厂.