6 eyeful

1 thing thrown or blown into one´s eye 掷入、 刮入或吹入眼中之物
    get an eyeful of sand 眼里刮进沙子.
2 (infml 口) interesting or attractive sight 有趣的或诱人的景象
    She´s quite an eyeful! 她真是个美人!
3 (idm 习语) have/get an eyeful (of sth) (infml 口) have a good long look (at sth interesting, remarkable, unusual, etc) 好好看看(有趣的、 美妙的、 罕见的等物)
    `Come and get an eyeful of this there´s a giraffe in the garden!´ `快来看哪--花园里有个长颈鹿!'