6 enough

det (used in front of a plural n or a [U]
n 用於复数名词或不可数名词前) ~ sth (for sb/sth); ~ sth (for sb) to do sth as many or as much of sth as necessary; sufficient 足够的; 充足的
    Have you made enough copies? 你复制的份数够吗?
    Have we got enough sandwiches for lunch? 我们午饭的三明治够吃吗?
    Surely 15 minutes is enough time for you to have a coffee. 你喝杯咖啡15分钟当然足够了.
    I´ve got enough money to pay for a taxi. 我的钱够付计程车费的.
    There isn´t enough space for my address. 我写地址的地方不够.
    (dated 旧) There´s food enough on the table. 桌上的食物足够吃.
    We have time enough to get to the airport. 我们来得及赶到机场. enough, indef pron
1 as many or as much as necessary 充分; 足够
    Six bottles of wine will be enough. 六瓶葡萄酒就够了.
    Is 100 enough for all your expenses? 100英镑够你的全部开销吗?
    I hope enough of you are prepared to help with the show. 我希望你们中能有足够的人手准备协助这场演出.
    They were able to save enough of their furniture to fill a room. 他们能省出的家具足够装满一间屋子.
2 (idm 习语) e,nough is e`nough (saying 谚) it is unnecessary and possibly harmful to say or do more 适可而止. have had e`nough (of sth/sb) be unable or unwilling to tolerate sth/sb any more 不能或不愿再容忍某事物[某人]
    After three years without promotion he decided he´d had enough and resigned. 他三年未获提升, 认为已受够了, 便辞了职.
    I´ve had enough of her continual chatter. 我已厌烦了她喋喋不休的闲谈.
    I´m surprised you haven´t had enough of him yet I found him very boring. 你对他还没有受够, 我很惊讶--我觉得他很烦人.
enough adv (used after vs, adjs and advs 用於动词、 形容词和副词之後)
1 ~ (for sb/sth); ~ (to do sth/for doing sth) to a satisfactory degree; sufficiently 达到满意的程度; 足够地; 充足地
    You don´t practise enough at the piano. 你钢琴弹奏练习得不够.
    Is the river deep enough for swimming/to swim in? 在这条河里游泳水够深吗?
    At 14 you aren´t old enough to buy alcohol. 你才14岁, 不到买酒的年龄.
    She isn´t good enough for (ie to pass) the exam. 她功课不够好, 考不及格.
    I wish you´d write clearly enough for us to read it. 但愿你能写得清楚点, 我们好能看明白.
2 (used to suggest that sth only deserves slight praise 用於表示某事物只值得略加赞扬) to a significant extent; fairly 达到一定的程度; 相当
    She plays well enough for a beginner. 对於初学者说来, 她弹奏得已相当不错了.
3 (idm 习语) curiously, oddly, strangely, etc enough it is very curious, etc that... 稀奇的是...
    Strangely enough, I said the same thing to my wife only yesterday. 说也奇怪, 我就在昨天也同妻子谈到这件事. fair enough => fair2. sure enough => sure.