11 documentary

adj[attrib 作定语]
1 consisting of documents 文件的; 文献的
    documentary evidence, proof, sources 书面证据、 证件、 文件来源.
2 giving a factual report of some subject or activity, esp by using pictures, recordings, etc of people involved 记实的, 记录的(尤指提供图片、 录音等材料)
    a documentary account of the Vietnam war 关於越南战争的记实报道
    documentary films showing the lives of working people 反映劳动人民生活的纪录片.
documentary n documentary film, or radio or TV programme 纪录片; 记实的广播或电视节目
    a documentary on/about drug abuse 关於滥用毒品的纪录片.