3 dab

1 [Tn] press (sth) lightly and gently 轻触, 轻压(某物)
    She dabbed her eyes (with a tissue). 她(用纸巾)轻轻地按了按眼睛.
2 [Ipr] ~ at sth lightly touch sth by pressing but not rubbing 轻触某物(但不揉擦)
    She dabbed at the cut with cotton wool. 她用药棉轻轻地按了按伤口.
3 (phr v) dab sth on/off (sth) apply/remove (sth) with light quick strokes 轻而快地搽、 涂[去掉](某物)
    dab paint on a picture 在画上轻轻点上颜色
    dab off the excess water 轻轻地按, 吸掉多余的水. dab, n
1 [C]
(a) small quantity (of paint, etc) put on a surface (涂上的)少量(颜色等).
(b) act of lightly touching or pressing sth without rubbing 轻触或轻压某物(但不揉擦)
    One dab with blotting-paper and the ink was dry. 用吸墨纸轻轻按了一下, 墨水就乾了.
2 dabs [pl] (Brit sl 俚) fingerprints 指纹印.
dab n type of flat-fish 黄盖鲽(鱼).
dab n (idm 习语) (be) a dab (hand) (at sth) (Brit infml 口) very skilled 能手; 熟手
    a dab hand at golf, at rolling cigarettes 高尔夫球、 卷香烟的能手.