5 crest

1 tuft of feathers on a bird´s head 羽冠.
(a) top of a slope or hill 坡顶; 山顶.
(b) white top of a large wave 浪尖; 波峰. =>illus at surfing 见surfing之插图.
3 design above the shield on a coat of arms, often represented on a seal or on notepaper (盾形纹章上方的)饰章(常用於印信或信笺)
    the family crest, ie one above the family´s coat of arms 家族饰章(标记於家族的盾形纹章上方的).
(a) decorative tuft or plume formerly worn on top of a soldier´s helmet (旧时军人头盔顶上的)羽饰.
(b) (fig rhet 比喻, 修辞) helmet 头盔.
5 (idm 习语) on the crest of a `wave at the point of greatest success, happiness, etc 在最成功、 最得意的时候
    After its election victory, the party was on the crest of a wave. 该党在选举获胜後如日中天. crest, v
1 [Tn] reach the crest of (a hill, etc) 达到(山等)的顶端
    As we crested the hill, we saw the castle. 我们登上山顶, 看见了城堡.
2 [I] (of a wave) form into a crest (指波浪)形成浪尖.