5 craft

1 [C] occupation, esp one that needs skill in the use of the hands; such a skill or technique 行业; (尤指)手工业; 手艺; 工艺
    the potter´s craft 陶器业
    teach arts and crafts in a school 在学校里教工艺美术
    He´s a master of the actor´s craft. 他演技精湛.
2 (pl unchanged 复数不变) [C]
(a) boat; ship 船舶
    Hundreds of small craft accompany the liner into harbour. 数百只小艇随同这艘班轮驶入港湾. Cf 参看 vessel 1.
(b) aircraft; spacecraft 飞行器; 宇宙飞船
    The astronauts piloted their craft down to the lunar surface. 宇航员驾驶宇宙飞船在月球表面降落.
3 [U] (fml derog 文, 贬) skill in deceiving; cunning 骗术; 狡诈
    achieving by craft and guile what he could not manage by honest means 玩弄诡计和手腕以实现其用正当手段无法实现的企图. craft, v [Tn usu passive 通常用於被动语态]
make (sth) skilfully, esp by hand 精工制作(某物)(尤指用手工)
    a beautiful hand-crafted silver goblet 美观的手工精制的高脚银杯.