8 converge

1 [I, Ipr] ~ (on sb/sth); ~ (at sth) (of lines, moving objects, etc) (come towards each other and) meet at a point (指线条、 运动的物体等)会於一点, 向一点会合; 聚集
    armies converging on the capital city 向首都集结的各路军队
    Parallel lines converge at infinity. 平行线永不相交.
    Enthusiasts from around the world converge on (ie come to) Le Mans for the annual car race. 热心的观众从世界各地涌到勒芒市观看一年一度的汽车比赛.
2 [I] (fig 比喻) (tend to) become similar or identical (趋於)相似或相同
    Our previously opposed views are beginning to converge. 我们原来相互对立的观点开始趋於一致.
    Some say that capitalism and socialism will eventually converge. 有人说资本主义和社会主义最终会合而为一.