8 contract

1 ~ (with sb) (for sth/to do sth) legally binding agreement, usu in writing 合同; 契约
    You shouldn´t enter into/make a contract until you have studied its provisions carefully. 你应该先仔细研究合同的条款, 然後再签订.
    We have a contract with the Government for the supply of vehicles/to supply vehicles. 我们在提供车辆方面与政府订有合约.
    When the legal formalities have been settled, the buyer and seller of a house can exchange contracts, ie to complete their agreement legally. 房子的买方和卖方办妥法律手续即可交换契约.
    He has agreed salary terms and is ready to sign a new contract, ie of employment. 他同意了薪金条件, 准备签新合同.
    I´m not a permanent employee; I´m working here on a fixed-term contract. 我并不是永久雇员, 而是根据定期合同在此工作的.
    [attrib 作定语]
the contract price, date, etc, ie the price, date, etc agreed to 合同价格、 日期等
    a contract worker, ie employed on a contract 合同工.
2 (idm 习语) be under contract (to sb) have made a contract to work (for sb) 立约(为某人)工作
    a pop group that is under contract to one of the big record companies 与一家大唱片公司签有合约的流行音乐乐队. put sth out to `contract invite people to make a contract to do work, supply (goods, etc) 请人承包工作、 供货等事
    We haven´t the resources to do the work ourselves, so we´ll put it out to contract. 我们自己无法做这项工作, 所以要承包出去.
contract v
(a) [Ipr, It]
~ with sb for sth make (a legal agreement) with sb for a purpose 与某人签订(合同或契约)
    contract with a firm for the supply of fuel, ie agree to buy fuel from it 与一家公司就供应燃料一事签订合同
    Having contracted (with them) to do the repairs, we cannot withdraw now. 我们(与他们)订有维修合约, 现在不能撤消.
(b) [Tn, Tn.pr]
~ sth (with sb) (fml 文) enter into or undertake sth formally 正式缔结或确定(某事物)
    She had contracted a most unsuitable marriage. 她订下的婚约极不匹配.
    contract an alliance with a neighbouring state 与邻国缔结同盟.
2 [Tn]
(a) catch or develop (an illness) 感染(疾病)
    contract measles, a cold, etc 患麻疹、 感冒等.
(b) (fml 文) acquire (sth) 招致(某事物)
    contract debts, bad habits 负债、 染上恶习.
3 (phr v) contract `out (of sth) (Brit) withdraw from, or not enter into, an agreement which applies to a large group 退出或不参加某合约
    You can contract out (of the pension scheme) if you wish. 你愿意的话, 可以退出(这个养老金计划). contract sth out (to sb) arrange for (work) to be done by another firm rather than one´s own 把工作包出去(让别人做).
contract v [I, Ipr, Tn, Tn.pr]
~ (sth) (to sth) 1 make or become smaller or shorter (使)缩小, 缩短, 缩约
    Metals contract as they get cooler. 金属遇冷则收缩.
    `I will´ can be contracted to `I´ll´. Iwill可缩写为I´ll.
    (fig 比喻) Our business has contracted a lot recently. 我们的生意近来大为减少了.
2 (cause sth to) become tighter or narrower; constrict (使某物)紧缩或收缩; 缩
    contract a muscle 收缩肌肉
    The tunnel contracts to a narrow passageway as you go deeper. 再往里走, 坑道缩小成了一条窄窄的通道. Cf 参看 expand.