7 concert

1 musical entertainment given in public by one or more performers 音乐会
    an orchestral concert 管弦乐音乐会
    give a concert for charity 举行慈善义演音乐会
    [attrib 作定语]
a concert pianist, hall, performance 在音乐会上演奏的钢琴家、 音乐厅、 音乐会演出. Cf 参看 recital.
2 (idm 习语) at ,concert `pitch in a state of full efficiency or readiness 处於效率极高或充分准备的状态. in `concert giving a live public performance rather than a recorded one 现场演出的(并非事先录音的). in concert (with sb/sth)(fml 文) co-operating together 合作
    working in concert with his colleagues 与他的同事合作.