7 come up

come up
(a) (of plants) appear above the soil (指植物)长出地面
    The snowdrops are just beginning to come up. 雪花莲刚刚开始长出地面.
(b) (of the sun) rise (指太阳)升起
    We watched the sun come up. 我们观看日出.
(c) (of soldiers, supplies, etc) be moved to the front line (指士兵、 给养等)被送往前线.
(d) occur; arise 发生; 出现
    We´ll let you know if any vacancies come up. 一有空缺我们就通知你.
    I´m afraid something urgent has come up; I won´t be able to see you tonight. 很抱歉, 有些急事; 今晚不能见你了.
(e) be mentioned or discussed; arise 被提及; 被讨论; 出现
    The subject came up in conversation. 这个问题是在谈话中提到的.
    The question is bound to come up at the meeting. 会上必然要讨论这个问题.
(f) be dealt with by a court 由法庭审理
    Her divorce case comes up next month. 她的离婚案件下月审理.
(g) (of a lottery ticket, number, etc) be drawn; win (指彩票、 数字抽奖等)抽中, 中奖, 赢
    My number came up and I won 100. 我的数字彩票中奖了, 我赢得100英镑. come `up (to...) (Brit) begin one´s studies at a university (esp at Oxford or Cambridge) 开始上大学(尤指牛津或剑桥)
    She came up (to Oxford) in 1982. 她1982年(到牛津)上大学. come up (to...) (from...) come to one place from another, esp from a smaller place to London or from the South to the North of England 从一地来到另一地(尤指由小地方到伦敦或由英格兰南部到北部); 上伦敦; 北上
    She often comes up to London (eg from Oxford) at weekends. 她常在周末(如由牛津)上伦敦来.
    Why don´t you come up to Scotland for a few days? 你怎麽不北上到苏格兰来住几天? come up against sb/sth be faced with or opposed by sb/sth 面对某人[某事物]; 被某人[某事物]反对
    We expect to come up against a lot of opposition to the scheme. 我们预计这个计划要遭到很多人反对. come up for sth be considered as an applicant or a candidate for sth 作某事的申请人或候选人
    She comes up for re-election next year. 在明年的重选中她参加竞选. come up to sth
(a) reach up as far as (a specified point) 升到(某点)
    The water came up to my neck. 水升到我的颈部.
(b) reach (an acceptable level or standard) 达到(认可的水平或标准)
    His performance didn´t really come up to his usual high standard. 他没有真正表现出平日的高水平来.
    Their holiday in France didn´t come up to expectations. 他们在法国度假未尽如人意. come `up with sth find or produce (an answer, a solution, etc) 找到或提出(答案、 办法等)
    She came up with a new idea for increasing sales. 她想出了增加销售量的新主意.