6 clinch

1 [Tn] fix (a nail or rivet) firmly in place by hammering sideways the end that sticks out 敲弯(穿出的钉尖)使之牢固.
2 [Tn] (infml 口) confirm or settle (sth) finally 最终确定或解决(某事物)
    clinch a deal/an argument/a bargain 成交[解决争端/谈妥买卖].
3 [I] (esp of boxers) hold each other tightly with the arms (尤指拳击手)互相扭抱
    The boxers clinched and the referee had to separate them. 拳击手扭抱在一起, 裁判让他们分开.
    (infml 口) The scene ended as the lovers clinched. 这一幕结束时, 情人相互拥抱在一起. clinch, n
(a) (in boxing) act or instance of clinching (clinch 3) (拳击中)扭抱
    get into a clinch 扭抱在一起
    break a clinch 将扭抱的拳击手分开.
(b) (infml 口) embrace 拥抱.