6 budget

(a) estimate or plan of how money will be spent over a period of time, in relation to the amount of money available 预算
    a weekly budget 周预算.
(b) annual government statement of a country´s expenditure and how it will be financed 政 府的年度预算
    The Chancellor of the Exchequer is expected to announce tax cuts in this year´s budget. 人们期望财政大臣公布在本年度预算中削减税收.
2 amount of money needed or allotted for a specific purpose 专用开支; 专款
    limit oneself to a daily budget of £10 限制自己每日零花10英镑.
3 (idm 习语) on a (tight) budget having only a small amount of money 缺少钱; 拮据
    A family on a budget can´t afford meat every day. 经济拮据的家庭不能每天享用肉食. budget, v
1 [Tn, Tn.pr]
~ sth (for sth) plan the spending of or provide (money) in a budget 将(款项)编入预算
    The government has budgeted £10000000 for education spending. 政府将10000000英镑编入教育预算.
2 [I, Ipr] ~ (for sth) save or allocate money (for a particular purpose) (为某目的)存钱, 安排款项, 编预算
    If we budget carefully, we´ll be able to afford a new car. 我们精打细算就能买辆新汽车了.
    budget for the coming year, for a holiday abroad, for a drop in sales, etc 为来年、为去外国度假、为营业额下降时...安排款项. budget, adj [attrib 作定语]
inexpensive; cheap 不贵的; 便宜的; 廉价的; 贱的
    a budget meal, holiday 经济实惠的饭菜、假日.