6 buckle

1 metal or plastic clasp with a hinged spike for fastening a belt or straps (皮带等的)锁扣, 扣环.
2 ornamental clasp on a shoe (鞋上的)装饰扣. buckle, v
1 [I, Ip, Tn, Tn.p]
~ (sth) (up) fasten (sth) or be fastened with a buckle 用锁扣扣紧(某物)
    My belt is loose; I didn´t buckle it up tightly enough. 我的腰带松了, 我没扣紧.
    These shoes buckle at the side. 这鞋在侧面系扣.
2 [I, Tn] (cause sb/sth to) crumple or bend (usu because of pressure or heat) (使某人[某事物])屈服, 顺从, 让步, 弄弯, 变形(通常因受力或受热所致)
    The metal buckled in the heat. 金属因受热而变形.
    The crash buckled the front of my car. 我的汽车前部撞瘪了.
    (fig 比喻) He´s beginning to buckle under the pressure of work. 工作快要把他压垮了.
3 (phr v) buckle down to sth (infml 口) start sth in a determined way 下定决心做某事
    She´s really buckling down to her new job. 她埋头苦干做新工作. buckle sb in/into sth fasten sb in (a seat, etc) with a belt 用皮带把某人扣在(座位等)上
    The parachutist was buckled into his harness. 跳伞者扣上了背带. buckle (sth) on (cause sth to) be attached with a buckle (使某物)被锁扣扣住
    a sword that buckles on 用锁扣扣住的剑
    buckle on one´s belt 把自己的皮带系紧. buckle `to (infml 口) (esp of a group) make a special effort (usu in the face of difficulties) (尤指集体)特别努力(通常为面对困难时)
    The children had to buckle to while their mother was in hospital. 孩子们因母亲住院只好事事更加努力.