7 biscuit

1 [C] small flat thin piece of pastry baked crisp 饼乾.
2 [C] (US) soft cake like a scone 软烤饼.
3 [U] light-brown colour 淡褐色.
4 [U] pottery that has been fired (fire2 7) but not glazed (经烤焙而未上釉彩的)本色陶器.
5 (idm 习语) take the biscuit/cake (Brit infml 口) be extremely or specially amusing, annoying, surprising, etc 极其可笑、讨厌、惊奇等
    He´s done stupid things before, but this really takes the biscuit, ie is the most stupid thing. 他以前倒也干过傻事, 但这次实在太离谱了(做了最愚蠢的事).