10 background

1 [sing] part of a view, scene or description that forms a setting for the chief objects, people, etc 背景. Cf 参看 foreground.
2 [sing]
(a) inconspicuous position (used esp in the expressions shown) 不显著的位置; 幕後(尤用於以下示例)
    be/be kept/stay in the background, ie not in the centre of public attention 在[保持在/留在]幕後(避开公众的注意).
(b) [attrib 作定语]
unobtrusive 不明显的
    background music 背景音乐; 配乐. Cf 参看 foreground.
(a) [sing] conditions and events surrounding and influencing sth 围绕并影响某事物的情况和事件
    These political developments should be seen against a background of increasing East-West tension. 分析这些政治形势时, 应考虑到东西方关系正日趋紧张.
    [attrib 作定语]
background information 背景资料.
(b) [C] person´s social class, education, training, etc 人的社会阶层、学历、资历等
    He has a working-class background. 他是工人阶级出身.
(c) [U] information that is needed to understand a problem, etc (为了解某问题等所需的)资料
    Can you give me more background on the company´s financial position? 你能向我多提供一些有关该公司财务状况的资料吗?