3 art

1 [U]
(a) creation or expression of sth beautiful, esp in a visual form, eg painting, sculpture, etc 美的事物的创造或表现(尤指用视觉形式, 如绘画, 雕刻等); 艺术; 美术
    the art of the Renaissance 文艺复兴时期的艺术
    children´s art 儿童的艺术
    [attrib 作定语]
an art critic, historian, lover, etc 艺术批评家, 艺术史家, 艺术爱好者.
(b) skill in such creation 艺术技巧
    Her performance displayed great art. 她的表演表现了高度的艺术技巧.
    This tapestry is a work of art. 这张挂毯是件艺术品.
(c) instances of this 艺术; 美术
    [attrib 作定语]
an `art exhibition/gallery 艺术展览[馆].
2 the arts [pl]
= fine art (fine).
3 arts [pl] subjects of study (eg languages, literature, history) in which imaginative and creative skills are more important than the exact measurement and calculation needed in science 文科
    [attrib 作定语]
an arts degree with honours in sociology 他持有社会学的文科(荣誉)学位.
4 [C, U] any skill or ability that can be learnt by practice, esp contrasted with scientific technique; knack (尤指与科学技术相对而言的, 经过实践获得的)技能, 技巧
    the art of appearing confident at interviews 在面试时表现自信的技巧
    Threading a needle is an art in itself. 穿针引线本身就是一种技巧.
    The art of letter-writing is fast disappearing. 尺牍技巧行将消失.
(a) [U] cunning; trickery 狡诈; 欺诈.
(b) [C] trick; wile 奸计; 诡计
    well-practised in the arts of seduction 惯用诱骗诡计.
6 (idm 习语) get sth down to a fine art => fine2.
art v (arch 古) (2nd pers sing pres t form of be, used with thou be的单数第二人称现在时态, 与thou连用)
    `O rose, thou art sick.´ ´玫瑰, 汝病矣.