1 a


(also an ) indef art (The form a is used before consonant sounds and the form an before vowel sounds. Both are used before [C], [Cgp]

or [sing] ns that have not previously been made specific. a用於辅音前, an用於元音前. 两者均用於前文未曾确指的可数单数名词或集合名词之前.)

1 one 一(个): a man, hotel, girl, committee, unit, U-turn (一个)男人, 旅馆, 姑娘, 委员会, 单位, U形转弯 (Cf 参看 some men, hotels, girls, etc)


2 a-


pref 前缀

1 (with ns, adjs and advs 与名词, 形容词, 副词结合) not; without 不; 无; 非: atheist

    atypical * asexually. =>Usage at un- 用法见un-.


5 a few

a few

indef pron

1 a small number of people, things, places, etc; some 少数的人、 物、 地方等; 一些.

(a) (referring back 用以复指前文)


14 a fifth column

a fifth column

organized group of people working for the enemy within a country at war 第五纵队(战时在国内为敌人工作的组织).


10 a fortiori

a fortiori

(Latin 拉) for this stronger reason 因为这一更充分理由; 更加

    If he can afford a luxury yacht, then a fortiori he can afford to pay his debts. 他若能买得起豪华的快艇, 就更能匀出钱来还债了.


23 a gentleman´s agreement

a gentleman´s agreement

agreement that cannot be enforced by law but depends on the mutual trust and good faith of those involved 君子协定; 绅士协定.


10 a la carte

a la carte

(of a restaurant meal) ordered as separate items from a menu, not at a fixed price for the complete meal (指饭馆的饭菜)按菜单分别点菜的(而非定价套餐)

    We only have an a la carte menu. 我们只有分类菜单. Cf 参看 table d´hote.


9 a la mode

a la mode

1 fashionable 时髦的; 流行的.

2 (US) (of food) served with ice-cream (指食物)加上冰激凌的

    apple pie a la mode 苹果饼加冰激凌.


7 A level

A level

(infml 口) = advanced level (advance)

    When are you taking A level/your A levels? 你什么时候参加(英国普通教育文凭的)高级考试?

    How many A levels have you got? 你在(英国普通教育文凭的)高级考试中有几项及格? Cf 参看 O level, GCSE.


8 a little

a little

indef pron

1 a small amount of sth; some but not much 少量; 些微; 稍许.

(a) (referring back 用以复指前文)